How does this work?

Simply place the order online and then email your chosen photos to (please use your order number in the subject field). Or you can simply reply to the confirmation email you will receive. 

What size do my photos need to be?

Ideally we like to print photos that are over 1MB in size. The larger the print is going to be, the larger the photo will need to be. If you are unsure about the print quality of your photo you are welcome to email the photo to for checking, before you place an order. Below is an example of the difference the image size will make to the quality of your print.

What if I only have a photo that isn’t the best quality?

It’s best to email us the photo so we can have a look at it and decide what size we could do your print without losing too much quality. Email it to

Can I use photos that were taken on a phone?

Yes! We are lucky with the quality of phone camera’s these days, so photos from phones are usually pretty good! Just make sure you are emailing us the original photo that was taken on your phone, rather than one that has been edited or saved off Snapchat or other social media sites (they downsize when uploading onto their sites). If sending from an iPhone send the photo ‘actual size’. This will be the best quality to send. If in doubt, you are welcome to email us the photo so we can let you know if it’s ok to use. 

How do I choose a photo for the square or circle shaped prints?

Photos used for the square and circle prints need to have extra space around your focus point as they do get cropped quite heavily. Here are some examples of photos that don’t suit these shapes:

Can I send the photos to you through Facebook rather than email?

Not ideally. Photos sent through Facebook Messenger are downsized so they won’t be as good quality as if you emailed it to us. Please always email us to make sure we have the best quality photo to work with. Email to

Can you use old photos from film cameras to make prints?

Yes! Simply scan the old photo, or take a photo of it and email it through to use at, or you can even post it to us. If taking a photo of it please ensure you aren’t using any flash and that you are taking the photo looking directly down on it. If you only have the negative you can take it into a photo developing shop and they can scan it to a digital file for you. 

Do you have lay-buy options?

We are happy if you’d like to pay for your prints in installments, just email us and let us know what you were wanting to do. We also now have Afterpay as an option, click here for more info.

Do you do custom sizes?

Yes! We can do any custom size for you, however we can’t do an individual photo any larger than an A3, unless we do a Multi-Photo-Print. 

Can you add text onto my photo/print?

Yes! We can design something for you. It helps if you can find an idea you like from google so we know what you are wanting. 

How long until I will receive my prints?

The average time is around 2-3 weeks, sometimes quicker if you need it urgently. Please request this when you have made your order. 

Can we send the prints overseas?

Yes! This type of wood is fine to post, or take, overseas. 

My print has marks and scratches on it, is this normal?

Yes, we use a very hands-on process to make your prints and this can result in marks and imperfections in the finished print. We do our very best to make sure you’ll be happy with your print and if the marks run through important parts of the photos, ie: faces, we will remake the print before sending it to you. We love some imperfections in our prints, it gives them extra rustic charm.